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An Advisory Firm As Unique As Our Clients' Needs

What Makes Us Different?

Family-Based Firm

The strongest relationship is family. We are a family firm with a wealth and diversity of industry experience. Our vision is to offer hands-on, high-quality client service in an intimate, family-run atmosphere. We value the ability to work together to provide our clients with prudent investment strategies that will help grow portfolios. As a family, we are available to each other when the need arises. The same applies to our clients. 


Every member of Oatley & Diak, LLC is committed - personally and professionally - to providing service based on our high family values. Our objective is to cultivate a relationship with our clients that closely resembles this bond.



Our portfolio management fees are based on the amount of assets under management. We charge a percentage that varies relative to the total assets under management. We do not sell financial products or accept commissions or compensation from any other source, so our clients will always receive independent, unbiased advice. This means our sole compensation is from you, the client.


Independent & Objective

Oatley & Diak, LLC has chartered to be a fee-only independent registered investment advisor. We do not accept any commissions from financial services or mutual fund companies to sell their products. This objective view allows us to be aligned with your best interests.  We focus on identifying and utilizing the best assets to achieve your goals.

The Oatley & Diak Difference
Ethics & Integrity

Every member of Oatley & Diak, LLC adheres to a strict Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Our objective is to provide an unquestioned level of professionalism and character that returns your trust and confidence. We make investment decisions based on our philosophy of avoiding real or perceived conflicts of interest.


Proactive Communication

Interaction is essential to furthering our relationship with clients and attaining their objectives. We provide in-person quarterly and annual meetings, as well as unlimited access to our firm to participate in resolutions to any questions or issues that may arise.



We understand that daily responsibilities may preclude clients from meeting during traditional business hours. We make ourselves available to clients during non-traditional times (nights and weekends) and at convenient locations.


Value Investing

Some investment advisors will tell you that the future is too uncertain and that profits can be elusive. Oatley & Diak, LLC focuses on “Value Investing” — buying quality investments at discounted prices. We agree that we cannot predict the future, but we have found that our carefully considered strategies enable clients to withstand the vagaries of the financial markets.



Our team’s professional, educational, and business experiences position them to understand our clients’ needs, offer a complementary depth and breadth of industry and business know-how, and provide consistent investment performance.

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