Life Transitions: Divorce

When you are going through a life-changing event like a divorce, the transition can be challenging, especially if done alone. I can assist by providing a magnifying lens on your financial options in an affordable, peaceful manner. With a focus on creating harmonious solutions that address the needs and concerns of everyone involved, my goal is to help you craft asset/debt division and support plans that are cooperative, sustainable, and set both parties up not just to survive, but to thrive.


John Diak is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.


A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, or CDFA™, is someone who comes from a financial planning, accounting, or legal background, and goes through an intensive training program to become skilled in analyzing and providing expertise related to the financial issues of divorce.


As a CDFA™ John can provide guidance through the entire process, or focus solely on the financial aspects of your divorce.  He can help clients and their attorneys analyze various financial matters and offer advice on projected settlements. His objective is to help clients complete the process as efficiently as possible while ensuring the details critical to their financial well-being are addressed.

How John Helps

Review Current Situation

  • Compile, Organize, and Value Assets

  • Analyze Liabilities

  • Estimate Immediate Needs

  • Prepare Statements of Net Worth

  • Develop Realistic Budgets

Long Term Planning

  • Discuss/Prioritize Goals

  • Estimate College and Educational Costs

  • Compare After-Tax Asset Sales

  • Project Retirement Needs

  • Analyze Insurance Needs

Divorce Settlement Analysis

  • Estimate/Calculate Maintenance Needs

  • Legal Document Preparation Support

  • Analyze Long Term Cash Flow and Net Worth

  • Review/Create After-Tax Proposed Settlements

  • Compare/Contrast Settlement Proposals

  • Develop Alternate Settlement Proposals


  • Oversee Asset Transfers

  • Set Up Budgeting and Money Management Systems

  • Manage Investments

  • Monitor Results

  • Create/Update Financial Plans

You Don't Have to Go Through It Alone

“My experience as both a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ allows me to help make this transition as successful
and peaceful as possible.”

Every Day Counts

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